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Feedback This site gets blocked for security


Dec 31, 2014
Porto, Portugal
I have the same, or similar, issue for years. Started in one region (South Africa) but afterwards also in Europe. This happened here while SC or PL but never on Forever Film.
Unfortunately I am also blocked from our corporate network. :(

The SSL cert is valid so at the browser level there shouldn't be anything blocking it. If anybody thinks there might be something funky at the browser or PC level please forward me a few screenshots (the more detail the better) and I can take a look. At this point everything with the site & server should be fully functional and configured but there is always the chance something got missed or at least there might be something I can investigate.

If you think you're being blocked by your corporate network, then there might be a few different things going on. Some I can help with, most I can't. With one of my other sites it was getting blocked because the corporate network monitor (like "Surf Control", etc.) vendor had no categorization for the site and the company blocks any site with no category. In that case it took me a while but I was able to submit the site to most of the vendors and have it categorized. I've been working on doing the same now for Cameraderie with mixed results. Some vendors already have it categorized as "forums" which, while proper, ends up being blocked by my company as the "Newsgroups/Forums" category is blocked while other vendors have no categorization listed. I'm not sure how successful it'll be trying to get the categorization changed but I'm working on it.
I keep getting blocked trying to get to this site. The reason given is an invalid security certificate. Is this something fixable?
If you can, could you grab either the exact error or a screenshot of what you're seeing? While I'm not surprised to hear you have problems from your corporate network connection I do have a Spock-like curiosity reaction about the mention of an invalid cert.
Slight update... Blue Coat (aka: Norton, Surf Control, Symantec, ForcePoint, ZoneAlarm, and some misc. others) will now categorize the site as "Arts/Culture" in addition to "Newsgroups/Forums". When visiting the site now from my office I get a warning but can continue. It still doesn't like... something... though because it's disabling some items from loading and giving a "Active Content Removed" indicator on screen. I was doing some experiments last night (sorry if anybody was online & saw them :eek: ) to see if I could narrow it down to find out what it is objecting to but no luck. Still working on it.

For anybody getting blocked from your work networks, try going to explicitly Featured Threads instead of Featured Threads ("http" instead of "https") to see if you get a different message. Based on your network & browser you might see the error message when trying to go to http while going to https might give what looks like a browser error.

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