Thoughts About Lens Lengths


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I just had a thought about my preferred lens lengths and had to share.

Of the film cameras out there, I've been drawn to the Leica CL (aka the Minolta CLE, the only Leica-branded M camera made in Japan). Aside from its small size, I hadn't really identified why it resonated with me.

I figured it out!

The camera came with a 40mm lens and a 90mm was optional and is the only M camera to have 40mm framelines. Obviously, most other Leica lenses would fit (a few would not, but that's another story).

My GF1, well, I have two lenses for it. 20mm (aka 40 effective) and 45mm (aka 90 effective).

It hadn't really hit me how much the GF1 really was the digital version of the CL.
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That's handy!!

I am having a good think about my needs too for Auto Focus lenses. I have enough manual lenses at the mo!!

I have the 14-42 Mk2 for my E-PL2 (Very sharp but a bit slow) plus a 20mm f1.7 (Just awesome!!!) but was thinking of getting either the 14mm pany or 17mm Oly pankake as it's this area of focal length that i like and take most pics of by far. It's always SO hard deciding!!:D