Sony Thoughts on NEX C3 - Worth It for Me?


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As you see in my signature below, I already have an extensive micro four-thirds kit. I had been strongly considering a Fuji X10 to replace my Panasonic LX3. But I've kind of cooled on that, now that it seems the firmware update hasn't done much to mitigate the X10's "orb" issue (even though I understand the problem is fairly limited).

Okay. Ratchet forward to yesterday, when while web browsing I noticed that the Sony NEX C3 with the 16mm lens is $499 at and several other places. For some reason, that combination suddenly stuck me as being very attractive in a way it hadn't in the past. Now, please understand I am not thinking about building an extensive NEX system. I have too much invested in other systems for that. But I was wondering how useful the least-expensive NEX camera with that particular lens might be to me. The only lens I can see possibly adding later might be Sony's 30mm prime. That would be it.

Please note that I have an Olympus E-PM1. It is that camera (on which I tend to use the Panasonic 14mm pancake the most) that most makes me think the C3 might be a nice thought but completely superfluous for me. But the C3 is no larger or heavier than the E-PM1 when using pancake lenses on it and I would get the benefits of an APS-C sensor.

How would I use the C3? Probably the way I would have used the X10 and tend to use the E-PM1: For a lot of fun, casual stuff and family gatherings - particularly indoors. For more serious work, I have other cameras (including a Pentax DSLR kit) or I would move toward the NEX-7.

Can any C3 owners or other NEX owners give me some guidance here? If you own an NEX and a micro four-thirds camera at the same time, I want to hear from you even more. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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The pictures that I have seen with the C3 look amazing. If the NEXs had viewfinders, I'd have gone with them instead of a G3. If I ever see a used one at a great price, I'll buy one