Three flies

All captured with Canon SX10is, probably using Raynox DCR-150 close-up lens (but just possibly DCR-250 or Canon 500D), all using 430exii flash with the flash probably diffused (but possibly reflected).

Depending on the image, post processing in Photoshop CS2 included some of crop, clone, defog, exposure, levels, contrast, saturation, curves, noise reduction (last two), resize, sharpen.

For larger versions, click on image here, then click on the image that comes up at flickr.

1 - ISO 80, F8, 1/250 sec, 15x zoom


2- ISO 80, F8, 1/160 sec, 11x zoom


3 - ISO 80, F8, 1/250 sec, 20x zoom


4 - ISO 200, F8, 1/200 sec, 8x zoom


5 - ISO 200, F8, 1/200 sec, 14x zoom


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