Throwaway Pics


I tried starting this on the big forum, but it quickly went nowhere, despite interest. Basically, we all have pics that we can't do much with due to compositional issues or just plain hitting a creative wall.

I was figuring we could post those pics for some fun to see what others can do with it using their tools and imagination, or seeing the results of just giving up and pushing as far as it can go.

The first is a pic I took in Cauterets, France, using my WB650 while mountain biking. Owing to the fact that I was busy trying to not fall off the chair and also a narrower margin for error with the 650, I came up with something I didn't totally like, but it was a one-time shot. Others turned out well.

So I gave up and decided to Silver Efex it and push it towards something of a style in some old paintings I had at home. I think a bit comical, really, but somehow pleasing at the same time.




seattle WA
i think the final result is having good details and the subject is here allright. you also placed the central subject on the lower right third and the strong cables are leading straight to it.
however compo wise, the high contrast is too overwhelming as it is creating multiple focus of interest for the eyes, especially in the sky area, to the point of distracting the viewer from the main subject.

dealing with such a present sky is a challenge though, so there are limits you reach fast in that specific case when it comes to post processing. that's what you exactly explained in your post :)

i tried a small version based on your color jpeg you posted. cropped, tweaked exposure, tried to get rid of the overwhelming sky, emphasized focus on the small structure down the cables, did a small rotation to get back a straight horizon line etc etc. hope it helps!


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I dig that, Sparth. I tried something along those lines using LR and making things a smidge fuzzy, then trying Wet Rocks and something else in SF, then dialed the structure down a bit. I like it quite a bit.