Fuji Timbuk2 Camera Bags


Jan 20, 2013
Not a Fuji product, but I hope it's still welcome here...

The XS and S Timbuk2 Snoop Camera Messenger bags are nicely sized for small cameras/systems and very heavily discounted at Sierra Trading Post (entire order reduced an extra 30% off with keycode SITENIGHT213 at checkout, order has to be over $100 before discount). Just picked up a Snoop XS for $56.00, a great versatile bag with removable camera insert.

Other smaller and larger bags also available.
I have been using timbukt2 messenger bags for a very long time. Since I already had several of them, instead of buying a snoop messenger bag, I bought the snoop insert to use in my other messenger bags. The nice thing about the insert is that it is a complete bag in itself, w/ the zipper top and the three basic compartments inside.

I normally use the snoop small in a Timbuk2 messenger bag that can also fit a 15inch laptop or one that is slightly smaller like a 13 inch. The 15 inch size can fit max of the medium if I remember correctly.


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