Tips for improvising on the go

On my recent trip, I had to improvise some things due to forgetting to bring some of the gear I needed. So I figured I'm not the only one this has happened to and thought a thread for tips might be a good idea.

I forgot the allen wrench for my Really Right Stuff base plate. After running the screw down by hand it was still too loose on the camera to be useable. I was able to tighten the screw enough for use by using the pliers on a multitool on the outside of the screw head. Despite it being round and smooth, the pliers got enough bite to tighten without chewing into the screw head.

Wanting to shoot birds on the beach. But the longest focal length I had was 90mm(135mm FF). So I took some bread and got the birds to come to me.

Forgot my wired shutter release. Simple fix is to use the timer on the camera. Another possibility is using a phone app.

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