Samsung tl 350 panorama download attempt


Bring Jack back!
Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
You did a great job of keeping the horizon pretty even. Nicely done. I had a hard time using the panorama function on the Sony NEX3. It was much easier with the Fuji X10. Was it easy with the Samsung?


Mar 19, 2011
Crossville, Tn
This was shot from a balcony of a townhouse in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about two weeks ago. The panorama function is very easy to use. You just press the shutter button down and hold it while panning from left to right. I tried to download the original image, but it said the image was too wide. I downsized it to 1400 pixels and it still would not load. I finally downsized it to 1000 pixels wide and was able to download it. If you look at the trees in the foreground you can see they are not very sharp. I guess it is a function of panning while taking the image. I was just lucky in keeping the horizon relatively level.


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