Daily Challenge Today 1265

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It is Halloween merchandising. Each year there seem to be more and some of it is really funny, like these yoga skeletons and mummy.
The yoga skeletons are my (current) favorite. I've seen quite a few bits and pieces of Halloween merchandising over the years... but up until now, never skeletons doing Yoga! (Obviously next year there may be skeletons practicing T'ai Chi in the park!)
Quite obviously a "culture" that completely escapes me. Can't even say I really do miss anything of it. ;)
Halloween has always been popular in the US. Last year Americans spent 10.6 billion in Halloween-related sales. My favorite was half-a-billion on costumes for pets. The Hispanic celebration of the Day of the Dead a day later has just extended the holiday. We’re not on the road, but I always buy candy so I can eat it the next day. Or the previous evening.
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