Daily Challenge Today 1474

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Somewhat unrelated, but since I told you about it more than a hundred days ago in one of these threads:
Bittersweet day today - took my Leica M Typ 262 to the Leica store; will have to wait about half a year for it to return from Wetzlar - but at least it'll be an expert job.
... Leica is fixing my camera free of charge (it's called "Kulanz"). That's astonishing, and very uplifting. Still, I have a while to wait ...

On a totally different note, I now get why some people like the Z 16-50mm DX on the Z fc; still not "my" combo, but really quite satisfying to shoot with (not least because the lens is so good). That said, using the Z fc alongside the Z f, well ... It really makes you appreciate the difference. Then again, the Z fc is much lighter and clearly more compact, so, in actual fact, it's the more appealing EDC camera, in spite of all the merits of the Z f.

So I posted about a wire bison sculpture over in the SiA thread for today, 13 April, and also in the outtakes thread. Five meters away from that sculpture is a prior sculpture by the same artist, Jeff Best of Clare, MI - of an elk. To me this one doesn't seem as refined as the bison, and is an earlier piece - but also made out of reclaimed barbed wire. Anyway, here's a full-length of the elk. Until the 1880s or so, both these species roamed this area by the millions.

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