Daily Challenge Today 1545

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I love the colors and how they blend in the bokeh.
Apart from the Df's sensor working its magic, this is due to one of Nikon's best affordable lenses: the 28-105mm f/3.5-4.5 (EXIF is incomplete!). The lens, though quirky, punches way above its weight (and still modest price on the used market) optically, and it doubles as a useful semi-macro lens. Contrast is lower than with more modern lenses, but you get a healthy dose of resolution, at least on sensors up to 24MP. The lens is actually quite compact, too, though somewhat chunky - it's heavier than it looks, with lots of glass and metal in its construction. Still, it's a nice match for the Df. Mladen (member Coksic) has done a lot of great work with this lens lately, which made me dig it out as well.