Daily Challenge Today 1563

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This is the house my grandparents owned for dozens of years and in which my mother grew up - heavily modified (it's been sold ages ago!) and surrounded by lots of much modern building. When I was a lad, none of the other buildings on both sides existed. Anyhow, the shape's the same, and you can still see the remainder of the balcony I played with a kitten for the first time in my life (my grandmother's cat had had two ... Peter, an almost blue-grey tiger was my favourite). The place I used to sleep when I was there has obviously been changed, though.

It's really one heck of a find - I'd never guessed ... And it sure brought up some memories. I hadn't been there ever since shortly before my grandmother died (of cancer ...), so, almost 40 years ago.


P.S. I also found the flag quite peculiar at first, but than remembered that the European Championship isn't over yet.