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Daily walk to the post office and I noticed, someone ditched at least six cans (I didn't count, but it seemed more like 8 or 10, not all visible in the pic) of a lemon lime soda which almost precisely matched the verdure of the runaway plot next to the post office. No, not someone's booze binge, but lemon lime soda. Bit of a head scratcher.



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A long a technologically complicated Nerd day, spent 'migrating' the contents of my older Mac Mini desktop computer, to a slightly newer one. Not a task for the faint-of-heart. Somewhere along the way, I had to take a break, and a good friend and fellow-photographer, texted me from the local small-town brewery, and suggested we share a pint. Although, in my case, it wasn't quite a 'pint' - but, rather, a flight of 3 ultra tiny (2 oz. each) little beer steins, with different brews in each. I took this commemorative photo of my friend Bob, examining my Q camera, with the beer in the foreground, and my bicycle in the distant background...


The short version: B.C.B. (Beers. Cameras. Bicycles.)

(NOTE: for beer enthusiasts and aficionados, the 'companion' photograph to this was posted in today's Show: Random Picture Thread)
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