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Jul 3, 2021
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Jul 3, 2021
Forgot to start the thread ...

Here's my image for the day:

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"Compostable waste only" - I really, really don't know whether I would place such a notice this prominently - in a graveyard ...

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The horrendous run of insane heat in Oregon continues but now the temperatures are hovering close to 100 degrees fahrenheit, instead of the truly insane 113 degrees of barely a week ago. Nonetheless, it's the kind of weather where a cold beer hits the spot.

My selection today is from the Breakside Brewery up in Portland, who not only make fine beers but also come up with cool names for them: this hazy IPA, complete with 19th-century-semi-Jules-Verne-inspired artwork is called "What Rough Beast" --

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If anyone can figure out what the relationship is between a fisherman sitting atop the giant tentacle of a mythical sea monster - and beer -- is...I'd love to hear it.

P.S. As a technical side note, the in-camera 'Custom Setting' jpeg film recipe for this shot ("Xpro '62") was inspired by the colors in a promotional photograph for the 1962 film, "American Graffiti". For the technically-minded who are curious how photographer Ritchie Roesch came up with this 'formula', there's a fascinating (to me) article about it here: