Micro 4/3 Tomorrow.....

Is my first shoot with my MPB 8-18 and a 35-100 f2.8 V1 (think I bought it here for a great price) on the Gh6. Looking forward to shooting where the Columbia runs into the Pacific Ocean. 4 hours of driving for 3 hours of shooting (if I don't do any high codecs as my Cfast card is only 256 Gigs), but having been looking forward to this since early December. I've done a lot of stuff with the 12-60 & 100-400 locally but just haven't have the right location for the two lenses I am taking. If there is time I'll go to Fort Stevens which was the only place in the mainland shelled during WWII.


Marlow, UK
I was intrigued by the shelling of Fort Stevens, so I looked it up on Wikipedia. Here's what the entry says:

On the night of June 21–22, 1942, the Japanese submarine I-25 surfaced off Fort Stevens and fired 17 shells from her 14 cm-caliber deck gun, making Fort Stevens the first military installation in the Contiguous United States to come under enemy fire in World War II. The Japanese attack caused no damage to the fort itself, it only destroyed the backstop of the post's baseball field.

I'd call that a win for the fort.