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Took the plunge and purchased a "New Unwanted Gift" D610 (Early Xmas) now looking for a lens to determine how good, read lots about the 50m 1.8G for starters, any suggestions on Wide angle/ Macro/Telephoto.
Hope to submit first images over the next few days,keen to compare with my lovely Sigma Merrils :)


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Nikon FX lens are expensive

but mid price the 24 120mm f4 VR is supposed to be good - I thought it came with the D610 as a "cheap" kit lens …. the mid range Nikon 24 85mm VR also gets good reports

These mid price Nikon zooms are now supposed to be very good, lightweight and smallish and a lot more versatile than the "cheaper" primes

other than that the 16 355mm f4 VR gets great reports ……. expensive

IMHO the 12 24 f2.8 is too wide and the 24mm 70mm f2.8 would be the one to go for, but both are heavy pro lens and very expensive, costs more than the camera body that you have just bought

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you should be able to figure it out...
First off, congratulations. It's a great camera!

In terms of lenses, what do you like, primes, zooms, fast and big, slower and smaller, aperture rings or no, etc, etc....

I'm mostly a prime shooter and I like the D lenses. They're not the sharpest knives in the drawer, but they're small, light, inexpensive, have aperture rings, and work for my shooting. I have a trio of Zeiss primes at the wide end - I got 'em all used and one (21mm f2.8) was still really pricey, but the other two (25 and 35) were pretty reasonable. I have D lenses at 24mm f2.8 (redundant with the Zeiss 25, but so small and handy and cheap that I decided to keep it), 50 f1.8, and 85 f1.8. I have a Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro that I picked up used also, and an old ebay 135mm f2.8 AI manual focus lens that's really small. For zooms, the 24-120 f4 that Bill mentioned is a great do anything lens - it's a little bigger than I like but nothing like the really big gun f2.8 zooms. Or if you want small and still pretty good, the 24-85 f3.5-4.5 is actually quite good. I also have a 70-300 for my infrequent telephoto use that I'm really happy with, also bought used. The pro level stuff is huge and heavy and expensive, but really good. In the Nikon primes, they make a line of G lenses between the D lenses and the really expensive f1.4 lenses. There's a decent 28 f1.8, and a good 20mm f1.8 that just came out, and a good 35mm f1.8. This are mid-priced, around $600-800 and very nice lenses for the most part. And there are zillions of old AI and AIS manual focus lenses available as well. You can pretty much go as high end or as low end as you want and there's so much inventory out there that you can probably find just about anything used for pretty good savings. Some folks will tell you you've gotta have high end glass for the 24 and 36mp sensors, but I shot a D610 with a bunch of D lenses for a month or so and was plenty happy with it. They're a pretty nice cheap point of entry and then if you want to go higher end with one or two of them later on, you can figure that out through use.

If you let me know what sort of thing you're interested in, I can maybe give you more specific recommendations. There are so many lenses available for F mount that I'm just barely getting my head wrapped around all of the options...


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