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What are the advantages and disdavantages of these kind of cameras.
Does one got to get used to the touchsreen? Which touchsreen cameras are supposed to be good enough for SC? Who got one? (I don't)
Comments welcomed, thanks!


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I've played with one in a store, so I am not exactly qualified here, but I can give some impressions.

For the type of shooting I typically do, I think overall it would be annoying IF dials used to quickly make changes are removed. The one thing I noticed is that going through some of the menus is quicker using the touchscreen. I think I would love a camera that has two dials like the E-P1 with a touchscreen to make other changes would be a perfect camera from a usability standpoint. However, it appears that the goal is to remove buttons and make the body smaller when adding the touchscreen, ala GF2, so I don't think I would be "for" it.


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I had the G2 for a spell. The screen was a great feature.
I got adjusted to it quickly and liked it alot. I sold the camera because the form does not fit me at all.
The screen...... Great feature!
The thing is, you don't have to use it, it's just a nice option that works very well.
In time it won't be an option. It will be the way the camera works...period!


For the GF2, I wonder how with the EVF attached and holding it to your eye you select the controls on the touch panel?

I guess there will be a lot of chimping going on and that should raise productivity, NOT!

Time will tell.


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I've never tried one... but I've been after a carry around camera for some time, and whilst doing a street photography run, at the weekend in my home city of Liverpool/UK with my LX5, I noticed in one of the camera shops they were offering the touch screen Lumix FP3 as a 'special' for £99/$150. this model HAS a touch screen and 4x optical zoom, and as the screen is a 3 inch, with specs much the same as all Lumix compacts ... I thought I'd give it a go.... so I'm off down next weekend to buy one....

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So I'll let you know......