Expired Trade: My new LX5 for fixed lens compact (prefer DP)

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Grabbed an LX-5 duty-free to see me through a recent work trip overseas. The IQ and handling is faultless, it's just that I'm not really a zoom lens kinda guy.

Be interested to hear from anyone with a Sigma DP2 or the like....the images from their threads here have me very very very curious about that Fovean sensor.
Good luck with the change, I am not a fan of fixed lens cameras, but the Sigma Dp is a real nice one

The LX5 must be a great camera, I am still waiting for mine. I am going to look into another place, but i you decide to sell the LX5 I am sure this forum will be a good place to sell it

I have a Sigma DP1. I know that the DP2s are a little improved but I think that the Sigmas are an acquired taste! They are not in the least bit speedy although the images they produce are very sharp. Be sure to read lots before you buy/trade :)
Thanks....so far

Very much appreciate the replies so far. I am actually looking forward to the more contemplative approach that the DP2 will demand. As you might glean from my user name I'm a bit of a shutterbug (it's from my training seeking out flighty birds with a long lens ;)) and have recently glimpsed the joy of slowing down a little in a 'normal' lens setting....and for what I read the DP rewards such an approach with some pretty amazing results. Also I'm keen to get to know the camera to obtain these results.

I know I am being ambitious looking for a trade to a DP2 - preferably DP2s - but one never knows. There might just be someone out there that got "caught up in the DP2 hype" and would prefer the versatility of the LX5. Again it's a great set-up that returns great IQ, it's just not a good fit to my style.

BTW: of course I am happy to talk trades with money changing hands to supplement.
Good call BB. How rude of me...just charging into the room without even a simple "G'day"! :blush: I'll post on the Intro section....

Thanks for the preliminary welcome here and the tact you've shown....I really think I'm going to enjoy this Forum. :D
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gsaronni... Hasn't it arrived YET !!! all those accessories you've got.... and nothing to put them on....;) I'd lend you mine but I seem to be using it all the time....:rolleyes:


It is out of stock, and I made the mistake of leaving 100€ as a partial payment, so I must wait until they receive it. I hope to have it before Xmas

Anyway, thanks for your offer
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