Mostly inserting SD card into card reader (Sony UHS-II SD-card reader) inserted in USB-A converter to Thunderbolt input on iMac. I used to insert the SD card into the iMac's card slot, but since a few months the card slot is kaput.

Sometimes I use FTP uploading when doing test shots at home, saves me the hassle of handling the SD cards.
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I have a card reader plugged into a USB 3.0 hub, and I remove the card from the camera to transfer into the PC. If I'm transferring to my phone for mobile editing and/or posting, I usually use a nifty little USB-C card reader which plugs straight into the phone port, unless it's my GR, which has really snappy Wi-Fi transfer. My Olympus and the Pentax K1 both have rather slow Wi-Fi.


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SD card inserted into MacBook's card reader. One advantage of the 2015 models was that integral SD card slot. I'm a bit sad now that I can't upgrade MacOS any more, but there's probably nothing that I'd miss anyway. Occasionally I use wi-fi to transfer to my Android tablet, but I'm increasingly just using raw files so that's not an option. I have a card reader that plugs into the tablet but for some reason Lightroom Mobile doesn't see it.


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Most images: transfer jpeg to phone via wifi, upload jpeg to lightroom cloud for safekeeping and the occasional minor edit. I love my fuji "recipe", I find nearly all jpegs good enough, sometimes after a second go at the raw file via the internal raw converter. The jpegs are pretty malleable still.

Images I might want to print: insert SD card into laptop (haven't had a desktop in 15 years), upload raw file to LR cloud for editing and safekeeping.

Images from SeaLife DC2000 for which the wifi app is no longer available: insert micro SD card in an SD card adapter, insert that in laptop, upload to LR cloud for editing (usually necessary in underwater images) and safekeeping




I have a "ingest PC" (that's also a media server and records security footage) and I wrote a program that triggers when a SD card is inserted and will detect what camera it was used in.
Then it copies only the new files over to the proper directory it needs to be in. In most cases its "Photos/<CameraName>/<Year>/<MonthShortName>/".
When finished it send me a little text message with the amount of files copied so I don't event have to wait or babysit it.

I got so sick making and navigating folders or figuring out which files I need to copy over, it's the such a waste of time. Really glad I spent the time on removing this annoyance.
Mostly using the Built in SD slot in the computer. I also have a USB3 SD reader that came free with the purchase of some cards.

And several card readers, but mostly use those with CF cards.