Travel camera: Nikon V1 or Canon G1X? What is the better option?


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Aug 7, 2010
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I am currently focusing on either the G1X or making a return to M43 with a GX1 with PZ 14-42.
The size of the cameras in the off position is about the same.
There were/are issues with the 14-42 X lens on the Panny as mentioned above.
I use a G3 ( same sensor as the G1X ) with the acclaimed 14-45 lens and it's a fine piece of kit but the IQ from my Canon beats it.


Mar 13, 2013
RX100 or G1X for travel?

The IQ from the diminutive and shirt pocketable RX100 is quite good, but the IQ from the Canon G1x is sublime, as is its low light performance.
Your choice, and the best of luck,


Jul 17, 2013

How are you?

Technology has these things... Something is new and very expensive and some time later, that same thing is no longer the newest thing and as such, it is not the most expensive thing either...

This is true for both the Nikon V1 and the Canon G1X.

Both these cameras had some major price cuts recently and that made me look at them with a renewed interest...

I am currently looking into buying a new camera.

I currently have none.

My point to buying a camera is to mainly use it as a travel camera. I like travelling a lot either on my own country or abroad and I would like a camera to allow me to take some nice pictures but not get in the way of the travelling experience.

I already travelled with a backpack with 2 DSLR bodies and some lenses, just with one DSLR and a general purpose zoom, and with a M43 kit with a body and 4 lenses...

All of these, always ended up getting in the way.

I took some great shots, no doubt, but then I come home, see them all once, show a few to my family, edit and post process a handful and that's that...

I always got the feeling I could enjoy the trip more if I wasn't lugging a big and heavy photokit or just worrying too much about capturing the images... At the end of the day I am not a professional photographer and taking the shots is not the goal of my trip...

So, for my last trip to Mallorca in the summer, I just took my iPhone with me, no camera at all and it Was liberating... No great shots, but I brought memories in the form of pictures and enjoyed the trip alot...

But liking photography and technology in general, I miss a real camera. Something with proper controls, ergonomics and better IQ. But I don't want to go back to DSLRS that get too much in the way...

I will not be doing portrait photography, or sports, or landscapes...

Just general travel photography and use the camera in some family occasions and social gatherings...

So, for this, I have my eye on either the V1 or the G1X... The Nikon with the 10-30 and 30-110 is the same price as the G1X. The V1 with just the 10-30 is about 35% cheaper than the G1X.

I know they are very different cameras...

For one, the V1 is a system camera and the G1X is just a very advanced and "big" point and shoot.

The V1 has a smaller sensor with a 2.7 crop factor, but it can take faster lenses like the f1.8 18,5mm. But that is the only one. I don't own a nikon DSLR and I don't plan to, so if I go with the V1, it will be to use just native lenses.

With the 10-30 on the V1, the G1X has the better IQ due to it's larger sensor. It also offers a body with more direct controls. The V1 relies more on menu diving to adjust settings.

The G1X also offers more control over DOF than the V1 with the 10-30 lens.

The V1 has a 1.44 mDot EVF while the G1X has an OVF with 80% coverage, no information and very small.

The G1X has just contrast detect auto focus while the V1 offers hybrid AF. It is faster and can track moving subjects...

The V1 can cover more focal lengths, but it has the hassle of one having to switch lenses to get that extra FL... The G1X is always ready within it's lens 4X zoom.

The V1 can become more expensive if I star buying lenses.

The G1X is a bit bigger and heavier, but thanks to it's smaller profile with the lens retracted, it is easier to fit in a large coat pocket or a non camera bag.

I guess this pretty much sums the differences between the two...

But since they are such different cameras, I don't know which one to choose...

I also though about other systems, like the M43 again with an OMD or a Samsung NX camera or even a NEX-6... But those systems are more expensive, have bigger and heavier lenses and I would probably end up building another kit with great IQ and performance, but it would get in the way again...

So, for my purpose, which is the better option? The V1 or the G1X?

Cheers and thanks!
I've been exploring myself what would make an excellent travel buddy of a camera. Here is my thoughts in a blog post.


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