Tree rats

Les Klein

Dec 10, 2015
Montreal area
There seems to be regional variation in squirrel fur colours. In the Montreal area the squirrels are brown, but in the Ottawa-Gatineau area most seem to be black. We’ve also noticed black squirrels in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. I tried to get a ‘proper’ shot for this august assemblage of squirrel aficionados but here’s my best so far. I’m on a quest!!
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Dec 29, 2013
Always found these little folks fascinating to watch
I do like watching them as well, though I'd probably not be comfortable with one climbing my leg ...

All in all, Bill's probably right about them. In the southern U.S., they're actually known to pass the plague ... yes, the genuine article that gave rats their worst name. Around here, all they may communicate are rabies ... comforting, isn't it ...


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