Micro 4/3 Tuscany snow "cataclysm"


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Philly, Pa
Alf, I gotta tell ya...
I love a movie with Diane Lane in it filmed in and about Tuscany. I dream about the flowers, the warm sunlight, the beautiful shadows.
I smell the pasta and my mouth waters for the wine flowing out of the bottles on the veranda. I smell the fine Cuban cigars as the old men sit and gossip about the big war... and then....
I opened this thread and saw your photo and realized.... I gotta find something else to dream about......


Vancouver, Canada
That is one unhappy plant! Here in Vancouver, we had a day or two of snow in November but nothing since - I guess the stereotype of Canada being the frosty north can be put to rest ... I hope I haven't jinxed the weather now - yikes!

By the way, I've been dreaming about Diane Lane for three decades now :)