Two APS-C makers that get it?

Apr 2, 2018

(Clickable image)

An assortment of modern cameras and lenses with 11-35 mm-eqv zoom lenses or thereabouts.

Interestingly, Canon M and Leica TL are the ones that get what you can achieve with the smaller image circle of the smaller crop factor. Truly impressive.


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Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer
Hmm... Once you factor in lens speed and the laws of physics the playing field is a lot more level.

As one who has never used a wideangle zoom such as an 11-35 but does have a penchant for small, light, fast primes - something which stood me in good stead in 25 years of Leica M use and now Fuji, I have to say I'm happy.

Tilman Paulin

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Nov 15, 2011
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My hunch is that it's mostly digital corrections for distortion, vignetting, etc that truly make a lot of these lenses smaller...

E.g. older four thirds lenses are massive (compared to the imaging circle), but nicely optically corrected.
A lot of the new micro four thirds lenses are almost fisheyes at the wide end - until the digital distortion correction kicks in... But those lenses are small :)


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Jul 13, 2011
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I also note (since I finally clicked on the link to Camera Size) that the lenses are not all the same speed, e.g., the fuji is a constant aperture f4 whereas the canon is 4-5.6. The Lecia does have that slick milled aluminum body, however. I'd like to hold one.


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Apr 18, 2014
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M4/3 offers another option that is much smaller than the one you selected, a good bit smaller than the Canon, and more similar to the Canon.



Feb 2, 2013
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Sony also makes the 10-18mm w/a lens for their APS-C line.

Constant F4 and compact size/weight, albeit shorter on the long end (27mm eq).


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