Leica Two new Leica Ms, including a cheaper one!


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Ha! The M-E is just a rebranded M9 with a reduced price.

The M is CMOS

The M-E is the old CCD

Focus peaking, Live view and R mount compatability

"Leica has announced its latest M series rangefinder - the 24MP CMOS Leica M. The company says all future M models will also simply be called the 'M'. The latest model (referred to as 'Typ 240') becomes the first of its rangefinders to feature live view, and offers a choice of magnified view or focus peaking for precise through-the-lens focusing, allowing Leica to promise compatibilty with R-mount lenses. It also becomes the first M capable of movie shooting - capturing 1080p footage at 25 or 24 frames per second. It includes a 920k dot LCD with smartphone-style Gorilla Glass cover, and accepts the same plug-in EVF as used by the X2. Availability is scheduled for early 2013 with a retail price of $6,950 in the US and £5100 in the UK."


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Ok.... I guess I kind of knew that. And I really thought I was living dangerously with the Fuji. I do think that Sony looks really nice. I would love to have that camera with the little OVF. It's not going to happen though.


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i was hoping for a smaller cheaper body with live view and peaking
a hybrid vf woulda been nice... coulda been both in the same spot.. but i know the rf patch would be very difficult to work in there too, lol :)
i think id be fine without the rf patch, with peaking, and an evf avail
just use an ovf for zone focus



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