Leica Two new Leicas coming this year? (besides the Mono)


Haven't seen anything on these yet, but first the Leica Q...


Full frame sensor from current M, fixed lens (28mm f/1.7) and compact body. They're saying similar to the Sony RX1.

2nd is a new M


Thinner body (like I've been wishing!) but... at the cost of the rangefinder!!! It will likely have an EVF instead. Also same sensor as above.

I think both cameras are interesting at least. If this new M is closer to the size of an M6, I could forgive losing the rangefinder since I mostly shoot with zone focus anyway (cept at night, but I don't get out much anymore). Could they truly call it an "M" though?


NY Mtns
they are interesting, each in its own way. a FF fast fixed lens sound great, as i loved my x100 and my rx1. cant tell if that one has a vf. at $4500 its way overpriced, esp if sans vf.

the other is argusbly even more interesting as it combines the new-direction cmos sensor with a new direction focusing system. if they stray too far from rf focusing and want to use that as the way forward, methinks theyll be much disappointment in Whoville.

as an aside from these articles, and somewhat tongue in cheek, i really have nothing in common with anyone who thinks 24mps are 'good for most purposes'. really?! i use an rd1 and find that cams 6 mps good for most purposes!

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