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Dec 1, 2010
Alsace, France
Looking at the range of OM/µ4/3 adapters on the market, the price range baffles me: from under £10 on eBay to well over £100 for a Novoflex. Photodiox's offering looks like a reasonable compromise, but I'm in France, it's in the US and while the postage is cheap the delivery period of up to 20 days is a wee bit on the steep side of my patience curve.

Has anyone any knowledge to impart?



Jul 14, 2010
Bad adaptors can damage your camera or your lens or both (DO NOT buy these adaptors). I use only Novoflex adaptors because they are very well made and there is a tripod collar which I use (and need) very often. Of course, there are cheaper adapters which are fine, too, if you do not need a tripod collar, but don't trust an adapter which is too cheap.

Lawrence A.

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Nov 8, 2012
New Mexico
Fotodiox makes a good adapter for a reasonable price. Make sure the one you get stops the lens down to your aperture settting. The first one I got did not and I had to hold the depth of field button on the lens in to take a picture. I've been using the Fotodiox adapter for my OM lenses with not problems for well over a year. The cameras remain in perfect operating condition, as do the lenses, on both the original OM film cameras (which I still shoot with) and the m4/3


Dec 1, 2010
Alsace, France
The Fotodiox arrived and it's fine. A wee bit stiff on the adapter/lens flange, but nothing serious. The lenses certainly aren't going to wobble about. Now I'm having fun rediscovering not just my old lenses but the macro rings, converters and Cokin filters I had back then. I even have an OM/T2/1.25" eyepiece adapter, so I could theoretically hang it on my old 12" Dob, giving an equiv focal length of 3000 mm at f/10. Damned heavy in the camera bag, though.

Good delivery, too: estimated 24th January and arrived this morning.

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