Ultra wide compact options?


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The one thing I miss from my DSLR is the ultra wide angle. I had a Sigma 10-20 on my Nikon D5000 and that 15mm equivalent was very enjoyable.

The closest I can find to something similar with a compact is a Panasonic LX5 with the LW46 converter, or a NEX with the 16mm and the wide converter.
Both options would give me 18mm equivalent which is close.

I have the LW46 and I've used it on my Sigma DP1x which gives me 21mm equivalent and that isn't really wide enough when I want wide.

Any other ideas or suggestions would be most welcome.


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I have a Samyang/Rokinon 7.5 fisheye for micro 4/3 mount that is a 15mm equivalent. If you don't like fisheye distortions, the shots can be de-fished with simple software.
There are some examples this way.... Samyang 7.5 on the Street + Hemi-Defish - Micro Four Thirds User Forum
The lens is $299 and there are plenty of m43 bodies available used if you just want a dedicated wide-angle machine.


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they also have the OLy 9-18 for M4/3, or the 21 adatper lens for the Ricoh GRDs or the 18mm one for the Panasonic LX5

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