"Unblur" Technology


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Wow!! Does this mean I need to save my greenbacks up for Photoshop? I am amazed.

P.S. Oh, OK..they're not committing to a release date. But that's pretty darned impressive for what the future holds!


Oct 11, 2010
Vancouver, Canada
I think the hard drive companies should be thanking Photoshop. I have been pruning my library of blurry shots ... now I'll have to keep them to see how good this technology works :)


Nov 10, 2010
Los Angeles
I don't know. I mean I'm sure it will provide decent cosmetic enhancement to less-than-ideal photos by sharpening edges and such so it looks better. But a really blurry shot simply has lost a lot of detail that can never be recovered.

I'm waiting for the 'Enhance' CSI filter, now that will be the bomb...

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