Fuji Unhappy with Quenox Nikon G to Fuji X mount adapter



just coming from posting some pictures i took with my Sigma f2,8 150mm

I write this post hoping it could be a chance for me to find a better solution than the Quenox adapter...

Meanwhile, I have sent the Quenox adapter back. Don't know, what to do next... Must buy another one... I'm open to suggestions.

What is the problem with the Quenox adapter:

First of all, I must say, using a G-type lens adapted to the X-E1 is possible, but a little bit tricky.

+ The Quenox adapter, i used, was fitting well to lens and camera.

- It attached the lens in a - let me say - '3 minutes past full hour' position on the camera, when looking from a models point of view. Thats no big problem - just not good looking.

--- The second problem was much more important: the aperture ring by which you could open and close the diaphragm, was very loose. So, it was quite difficult to find the right position to close down the aperture for 1,2,3,... stops. It's possible, using the A-mode of the camera, watching the shutter time. For example, full open f2,8 at a 1/60 sec would be closed down to f5,6, means 2 stops, becomes 1/15 sec. Then you have to turn the aperture ring of the adapter until you see 1/15 sec in the viewfinder / on the screen.

Okay, the Novoflex Adapter for ca. 169€ is perfect. But too expensive and i find this blue colored aperture ring (with perfect 'drag') not perfectly fitting to a black and silver camera body...

What i am searching now is an adapter with

- sturdy fit of adapter to camera and lens

- an aperture ring, that is not too easy to move, on-off marking

- reasonable cost-effectiveness

- even better an adapter fitting to m-mount, so that i can use it with the original Fuji X M-mount adapter. I know, this could be a little bit wobbly.

Suggestions welcome,

Thank you,

:th_salute: Fujidanny

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