Fuji Update: Fujifilm, you disappointed me (XF 90mm lens)


Feb 15, 2015

I sent the lens back to the dealer. They have the best customer service indeed. I asked them to check the inventory to see if they could send me a replacement with no dust inside. Today the dealer told me that sadly all their 90mm lenses in inventory have dusts problem as bad as the one I purchased. This is really bad news for me. I doubt if I would trust Fujifilm lenses in the future. Maybe this is the problem of the first batch, who knows, but clearly Fujifilm has a problem. Maybe I have to wait for next year to reconsider purchasing this particular lens again.

Not optically, but I am disappointed about the Fujifilm quality control. I received this lens today and it looked so nice until I took off the front cap. There are 3 dusts clearly inside the front elements. I checked again and again from all kinds of angles, no, they are there, not my illusion. I didn't expect that. Called the dealer and scheduled an exchange. Hope I could get a perfect copy.
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Aug 31, 2011
While those dusts normally do not affect the image in a visible or measurable way, it's clear that one expects a spotless lens, so exchanging it sounds smart to me.

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