Film Update on the Lubitel


I like it so far, but gosh focusing is not comfortable, the little magnifying glass is annoying! I am using a light meter app, tripod, and cable release, so will have to see how clear (or not) the photos will be. I can't wait for my Mamiya RB now, as I have a taste for this and I LOVE this kind of slow photography. I am strongly thinking of saying good bye to my digital cameras. I also love the whole waist level finder experience.


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Certainly, the slower pace of medium format photography is intriguing, I enjoy it myself. Shooting an RB (or RZ) is an experience like no other - except possibly large format.

I wouldn't dump your digital cameras just yet, however. I find digital excels at macro photography where the instant feedback on focus, depth of field, and lighting cannot be matched by film cameras. Best to just take out the batteries and store the digitals in a clean, dry space for a while. You can always come back to them if the need for "instant" images occurs.


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I think the issue which may stop me using the Lubitel (or any other medium format camera) is cost. Effectively it works out at about £2 per photo to buy & process the film, when postage costs are added in. That's a heck of a lot compared to 35mm which is about 40p per photo.

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