Updated: Bilzmale and stillshunter stepping down as Super Moderators


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I am sad to announce that Bilzmale will be leaving the moderation team here at Serious Compacts. Moderating is a lot more work than most people realize, and Bill's been a wonderful moderator for some 15 months. I'm happy to say that Bill indicated he is planning to remain an active member.

As most of you know, Bill has done all the heavy lifting related to The Weekly Challenge. Without Bill, Mark (stillshunter) and I will be the only two moderating for now, and the WC will be temporarily on hold and likely in for some changes.

Our coffee chat/off topic area "Bill's Pub" will remain named for it's first publican

I want to thank Bill for helping us so much here at Serious Compacts!

Update: Mark (stillshunter) is also resigning his mod duties. Please see here for details: https://www.photographerslounge.org...n-super-moderator-10424/index2.html#post83561


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I, too, want to add my sincere thanks to Bill for all that he's given to us out in the front of the house on Serious Compacts, as well as behind the scenes. I'm not sure how many years I've known Bill. We first got to know each other over on Mu43, however one thing I am sure about is that Bill has always been incredibly helpful, honest and, in addition, always a true gentleman.

Bill, I'm with Paul in that I hope we'll see many more of your photographs down the line. Enjoy your "retirement"!:th_salute::flowers_2: And I look forward to seeing you here when you're able to drop in! :friends:

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Thanks Bill - enjoy your next endeavor and please stay around here. I think the highest praise I can give a moderator is that I may KNOW they're a moderator, but if I didn't know it, I'd never suspect it. And that was true of you. I'm sure you took people aside when it needed doing, but never a heavy hand on the forum itself. Well done!

And thanks again!



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I've been talking with Mark (stillshunter), and sadly he too will be resigning his moderator duties. Like Bill, Mark has been a real pleasure to work with, and I'm sorry to see him leaving the moderator team, but I can understand that sometimes life makes these decisions for us.

Mark offered to stay on for a while since Bill resigned as a mod, and Bill told me he would have stayed on a while if he had known Mark was going to resign. Hopefully the community here will understand than neither of them left because of any conflict with me or one another - just personal factors that made continuing to moderate here more difficult.

Please join me in thanking Mark as well for his great service to the community!

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