Ricoh Upgraded from GRD II to GRD IV - Impressed!


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Just took a half dozen snaps with the GRD IV straight out of the box, it is replacing my aging GRD II. I must say I'm impressed, first thing I noticed is that the AF is considerably faster and the metering is excellent, very rangefinder like and not consumer compact metering. Also the screen is awesome, the interface is super responsive and the lens is sharp!

I was afraid this camera would not "wow" because of what feels like a minor update from the GRD III but it addresses almost everything that was keeping me from taking my GRD II with me everywhere.


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Welcome James. Your a brave guy. Not many mortals dare go from GRD 2 to GRD4 without stopping for a spell with GRD3. It's a brave new world your in now.
IS, unreal....
Please post your thoughts and some images if you ever put the camera down.....
Welcome again... Don


I went from the GRD2 to the GRD3 and now the GRD4, and each step was a step up! I cannot imagine going as you did. What a fantastic experience. What a great camera. Enjoy!


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I have to admit there was a Canon S95 in there for a while then I sold it to fund a Voigtlander Bessa. With the Bessa I shot almost exclusively film and my D700 until feeling like I really needed a good digital compact again. I've also had a Panasonic LX2 and although the GR has never been the best IQ, it has always been the best handling.

I considered the Fuji X100/X10 pretty seriously but the size and excellent firmware of the GR brought me back.


That is the one thing that always draws me back to Ricoh, the firmware updates not only do they care about fixing the bugs they are always care about improving the camera, but looks like I have to wait now to get a GRDIV


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Better late than never

I was a late-adopter of the Ricoh GR digital concept, having had a Minox 35 in my handbag or pocket for 25 years. It was only due to an extended separation whilst Leitz serviced it that I bought a GRD3. I immediately bonded with it, due to it's practically perfect handling... and upgraded to the GRD4 based on a hunch and the promised specs.

Am I pleased? Yes. Is it worth the extra cost? Yes, to me it is. Do I care what others say about it? Not at all... seems to me that the GR series stand alone in the camera world, daring to be different and true to a different set of ideals from the Norm. Comparisons seem rather meaningless.