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I'm trying to upgrade the firmware on my GXR from 1.33 to 1.36 and it's taken me fifteen minutes just hunting around to find a way to post my question!

If you think this indicates a certain level of ignorance in me about the way the Computer Programer's Mind works ~ YOU'RE RIGHT!!

Okay, back to the problem. I use a Mac, downloaded the GXR.Update.sit to my desktop, clicked on it to extract the file and did get a package labeled SH3132.1.1.9u (underscore, which I can't find how to put in)Sil (underscore, ditto)Pkg

When I click on that, though, I get "Welcome to the Sil3132 Mac OS X Driver Installer"

That didn't look right so I looked through the instructions, none of which seemed to be pertinent.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated!



Duane Pandorf

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Hi Irenaeus,

This is a link to the PDF file on how to do this procedure:

GXR Firmware Instructions

I'm not sure which "compressed" version of the Firmware you downloaded but I picked this one to see what happens once the file is downloaded to your computer:

GXR Firmware Zip file version

I use the Safari web browser on my machine and have it set up to download files to a folder called "downloads". Once this zip file is downloaded to whatever folder you have setup in your web browser you may or may not have to "unzip" the file. It may have done this automatically at the completion of the download.

You should then see a folder named: GXR Update Inside this folder is another one named: Firmware rel 1.36

Inside of this folder are the files you need to copy to an SD card and follow the rest of the instructions that are included in the PDF above.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so very much, BB ~ I'd thought to be able to try out your seemingly most excellent instructions by now, but I was interrupted by life....

I'll let you know how it goes; hopefully by tomorrow.


Thanks, BB, for the clear procedure. As it happens, firmware version 1.37 was released before I was able to do anything and I didn't have to do it twice.

I did cut to the chase after getting the firmware files onto the SD card, though. I'd tried to figure out each step once before and remembered both the confusion and the workaround. Basically, once the files were on the card, the card in the camera and the battery reading full, I just scrolled down in the instructions to the point where they told me how to turn the camera on with their secret installation handshake, said yes to the update and watched it do its stuff! So now I'm ready to go (this will guarantee exhibition quality photos won't it??)