Urbex in Antioch

Stephen S

Feb 14, 2014
East Bay, Northern California
Stephen Scharf
Urbex is not necessarily easy to find, at least in California, and especially if you want to get permission. I just kind of happened on this place, and the owner of the property happened to be around and kindly let me in for some photography. I have to go back and re-edit Nos. 2 and 4, I edited them on my Macbook Pro, and when I subsequently looked at them on my Thunderbolt display, the quarter-tones and mid-tones were a bit dark. I will upload new edits tonight with them bumped up about 1/3-2/3 of a stop.

entropic remnants

Hall of Famer
Mar 3, 2013
John Griggs
Nice shots -- and the 23mm is an absolute favorite of mine as well. That and the 12mm Zeiss take the majority of my urbex and rurex shots.

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