Fuji Used Backup Fuji body


Zen Snapshooter
My main and currently only body is an XT5. I’m looking at a used XT4 or XT3 body as a second/backup. The XT4 is closest to the XT5, uses the same battery, and has IBIS. However, I’ve read many owners of the XT3 speak of it so highly. I did have an XT30 body previously and left the 16-80 with OIS on it and that worked just fine. I do have one remaining older Fuji battery left and, of course, the XT3 is cheaper. Any thoughts from my fellow Fuji Ninjas?
While I had my X-T5 I had the same thought. I wanted the same battery and IBIS but the cost/value of the X-T3 was too good. I could've went with an X-E3 as well but at the time (and now) the copies available were overpriced imo. I think it's a fine balance between cost, size and features without a wrong answer.
I want to go to X-T5 at some point but would try to keep my X-T3 as a backup. I didn’t like the X-T4 when I tried it as it is noticeably chunkier than the 3, whereas the 5 feels almost the same.
Unless you really need IBIS, I found the XT4 and XT3 so close in function and operations - that the only significant difference is the IBIS.

I know for me, if I dipped back into Fuji and wanted a pro body, the XT3 would be the one that I looked at really hard first.

I do really like the XE bodies though - would probably look at those as well- I may even consider getting an XE1 again. I really liked the rendering of that sensor especially when paired with the Fuji XF 35/1.4
FWIW, I keep my 70-300 mostly attached to the XT3 because of the IOS. I use the XT5 for all my other non stabilized lenses. The battery issue could be annoying on a trip, but around home a non-issue.