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Completed User Ricoh GR Digital III (GRDIII) $160

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Cleveland, OH
Real Name
Dave Lam
I have here a good user Ricoh GR Digital III.
Comes with 2 official GR Digital batteries, charger, and the camera.

That is it.

There are some quirks, but these are very minor for the experience and quality of images from this camera.

- Sometimes powering off the lens will not retract but you will have to hit the power button again to get it to retract. I'd say this happens about 5-9% of total usage.

- The rear LCD is scratched, and in certain photos when playing back you can see a purple blob or two on the screen from something. Mind you, the 930k dot screen is fantastic on this camera, you won't notice unless it's a very large flat single color area.

- There is a very slight dent on the front of the lens housing, see the photo of it on and off.

- It is missing the trim ring that goes around the front. It is not included but spares can be picked up rather cheap. Without it, it does not harm anything, mainly there for accessories to bolt on.

In my experience, I have not noticed any dust on the sensor, and it will produce amazing images.

This is why it's a user body, but still produces amazing images, with amazing ease and compactness.

I still love the way this camera feels and it is going to do you well.

$160 You WON'T find another deal like this ;)

Price includes shipping and paypal fees, all shipped within continental United States, international please inquire and we may work something out. I am a reputable seller on numerous forums, with name "lam" or "lamlux".

Not open for further replies.