Micro 4/3 Using EPL-1 as an "art" camera


Nov 22, 2010
Central Texas
I love the art filters, esp. pinhole camera. I shoot RAW using shutter or aperture priority, and then apply the pinhole camera filter after the fact (in-camera) to images I think might benefit from it. I also play with the image overlay function sometimes but it doesn't often pan out with a keeper for me. I really like Oly colors, and something about the images make me want to play in Photoshop and add textures, etc.
I just promised BB I would link to my gallery of EPL-1 images, so here it is if anyone cares to check it out:
Janis Herd Photography | Olympus EPL-1 Images:

Ray Sachs

Sep 21, 2010
Not too far from Philly
you should be able to figure it out...
Beautiful work Janis! I haven't used the art filter's since I first had the camera (actually don't even own an Olympus of any sort at the moment), but I probably should have, particularly for the color options. I'd rather do B&W on my own from RAW, but I'm not really schooled enough in color to do anything particularly creative with post processing. Olympus clearly has some nice options and you really know when and how to use them...

Very nice. You can also apply the filters in post using the Olympus software, and you can combine them with some other tweaks for even more interesting results. If you're ever of a mind to try. Not like you need to though! You're doing more than fine with the approach you're using now.



Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Janis, thanks for linking directly into your E-PL1 gallery and for adding your website's link into your signature line.

You know, I never ever thought about adding any of the art filters available in camera after the fact! I didn't even realize one could do that! Clearly this method has worked out beautifully for you, Janis. I just clicked through your photographs in there quickly - loved the two horses...the sand dune and walkway (I almost forgot that Texas has a coastline!:eek::biggrin:), your photographs of Missy with her intense eyes...your portraits, the couple of pop art like flowers - that one cone flower... Really nice work, Janis. I will be spending more time in there and elsewhere on your site looking around.:drinks:


Dec 24, 2010
wonderful gallery, I love missy, show lots of character in that face.

im a big fan of the art filters in the oly cams. it can be quick and deadly.

however I think what your doing now, i wouldnt change a thing. thanks for sharing
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Nov 22, 2010
Central Texas
Wow, you guys -- thanks so much, all of you! I sometimes wonder why I spend my life in Photoshop so it really means a lot when people actually look at the photos!
Pete, Missy is a great little cattle dog who I adopted from a local shelter. When she was being transported from the pound to the no-kill shelter, she had 8 pups in the car, and they were incredibly cute. I'm glad I got the mama dog, though! She was owned by a breeder and apparently bred constantly from a young age, because she only weighs 25 lb. and should weigh 35-50 for her breed. She's smart as a whip. She'd like to herd our cats but they straightened her out on that issue right away.
Fotofrenzy, I will check out that lens. And Ray, good point about using the Oly software. For me, Oly RAW colors are much easier to work with in Photoshop than Nikon colors, probably because Nikon has never released all its RAW file info to Adobe.

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