Fuji Using Manual focus on x100T


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I have noticed that when in Manual focus and manual exposure that if you half press
the shutter to show you frame lines in OVF+ ERF viewfinder you are unable to continue manual focus
until you let go of the shutter button

I believe that if it is in manual focus then the focus should work independently from the shutter.
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AF switch on left side set to M
shutter speed selected on dial
aperture selected on lens

then use manual focus ring
as long as you don't keep half pressing the shutter
If you do you will be unable to continue manual focus
until you let go of the shutter button
Shutter button should work independently from focus ring
Would be a simple firmware update by Fujifilm
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Hm.. I need to try this when I get home. I've not found it to be an issue. Just to understand, why are you continuing to press the shutter? Are you locking in an exposure and recomposing?


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If you are shooting close in moving/motion scenarios it is much quicker/smoother
to fire the shutter from the half pressed position while focusing continually
Exposure is in full manual control and there is no need to recompose
Even if you try EVF it is the same, that is you can see the focusing happening in real time
as long as you don't initiate the shutter button the x100T interrupts you from full time
manual focusing


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Yes it does
Back focusing is a good method but if you have manual focusing don't you think it
shouldn't be restrictive in any way?
i.e. full time manual focusing, M isn't that what the focus selector is referring to
or does Fuji film think it means something else
I find that there are too many restrictions in these cameras
i.e. one thing doesn't allow you to do another
Just have a look at the back of your camera manual
usually in the appendix under Restrictions on Camera settings
I believe that cameras are there to assist you in your creativity
and your visualisation of the scene and let you complete the task

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