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Sep 16, 2017
Hello. I am new to the forum. After many years of inactivity with photography and my eyesight slowly deteriorating, I have decided to sell off my Leica-M gear. Can someone give advice on where I can go to determine fair prices for really clean used lenses (20 of them) and three used bodies. I am not looking to get rich nor am I looking to be taken advantage of. I want to offer fair and realistic prices so these precious items can find a new home with someone who will appreciate them.

I have nothing posted for sale at this moment, but my list includes:
Leica M5 - black - early serial number - almost new - modified with M6 frame lines
Leica M6 TTL 0.85x - Silver - bump on lower left corner.
Voigtlander Bessa-T - silver - near new
Voigtlander 12/5.6 lens - black - near new - with finder
Voigtlander 15/4.5 lens - black - near new - with finder
Avenon 21/2.8 - silver - very good condition - with finder
Leica 35/1.4 Summilux Asph - Silver - near new
Leica 40/2.0 Summicron-C - black - near new with original rubber hood
Minolta 40.2.0 Rokkor-C - black - near new with rubber hood
Canon 50/1.2 lens - silver (I think) - good condition
Konica 50/1.2 Hexanon - silver or titanium - very good condition
Konica 50/2.0 Hexanon - black - near new
Leica 50/2.0 Summicron - black - near new
Leica 50/1.4 Summilux - not asphere - silver - very good condition
Leica 50/1.4 Summilux Asph - Black - near new
Voigtlander 50/2.0 Heliar - silver - collapsible
Leica 75/1.5 Summilux - not asphere - near new - black
Leica 90/4.0 Elmar-C - near new - black - might have original rubber hood
Leica 90/2.0 Summicron - not asphere - near new - black
Kobalux 200/4.5 - black - with finder - very good condition
Konica 21-35/3.4-4.0 Dual lens with all the extras - near new
Leica 28-35-50 Tri-Elmar - first version - near new
Komura 2x teleconverter - near new

There's probably one more lens that I have forgotten about.

Any ideas on where I could go to find realistic prices?

I wish I hadn't gotten old, but in truth, I was a great technical
photographer but a horrible artist. I always got the exposures
and other details spot on, but couldn't see the world the way
some people see it, and as such, couldn't capture it on film
in any compelling way.



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Apr 3, 2013
I would check Ebay's Completed Auction sections for going prices; I would also check KEH.com. Figure that selling equipment as an individual would be about 75% of what a used camera shop sells for. Most shops buy at 50%~60% of what they sell it for. Many shops used to consign equipment for 20%~25% of the selling price- which is a good way to sell equipment.

With most used equipment- condition makes a huge difference in price. Companies like KEH will buy gear, not sure who will sell on consignment anymore.

This one advertises that they sell on consignment:

Used Inventory | Pro Photo Supply
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Aug 5, 2013
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I wish I hadn't gotten old, but in truth, I was a great technical
photographer but a horrible artist. I always got the exposures
and other details spot on, but couldn't see the world the way
some people see it, and as such, couldn't capture it on film
in any compelling way.

I wouldn't beat yourself up over this. First of all, your photos may be better than you think. Secondly, there is nothing wrong with enjoying cameras and lenses as a hobby for purely technical reasons. What is an "artist" anyway?

I personally never worry about the "artistic" merit of my photos. When I was younger, I took a lot of pictures of celebrities and well-known people in NYC that were published and are now all over Wikicommons. I donated them for free. I never worried about the artistic composition of my photos, I just shot what was in front of me. Now people like to look at them because of the content.

I've always enjoyed collecting and using photographic equipment for my own pleasure and nothing wrong with being a "gear freak". I do what makes me happy and I don't care what anyone else thinks about my photos. If you do what you enjoy your photos will all be "good". Don't worry about it. If you enjoyed collecting and using the gear it was well worth it. Being a good technical photographer is a big accomplishment. Not many can claim that today.

As for value, I agree with Brian. Check the actual SOLD eBay prices for your items, not the asking prices. You'll get a good ballpark idea of the value of your lenses. Put them on eBay yourself for a fixed price for what you think they are worth. Make your auctions "immediate payment required". Give it a few months and see what happens. If they don't sell, lower your prices slowly until they do.

You have some very desirable stuff there.


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Jan 9, 2016
I agree with above.

Also, not everyone has the time or temperament to sell individual pieces or collections on internet forum boards or ebay.

I have had a lot of success selling through OC Camera. the price paid was worth it to me at the time.....time spent researching and putting in order to sale has a value. That value is different for each person.

the largest online individual seller with the infrastructure to back sales and support is KEH. they would most likely gladly assess the value of your items.


Aug 9, 2013
Bakersfield, CA
Wow, that 75LUX is worth a pretty penny, you may very well “get Rich”.

If you are interested in selling, I would very much like an M5body with M6 frame lines.

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