Vancouver Island Here...


Hey All,

Found my way over from mu-4/3rds as well.

I live on Vancouver Island and use a G1 I bought for work. My wife has an EPL-1 and a small Canon P&S so I suffer a bit of camera envy. :rolleyes: That'll change in February... K-5 or GH2? K-5 or GH2? Hmmm... Probably depends on February announcements... Also I do play golf and want to take a camera with me so I clearly need a "Serious Compact" of some kind.

There are some very interesting Thread Categories here - hopefully we can have some good discussions that probe both history and historic trends in photography - landscape in particular but street/documentary as well.

Finally decided to "get over" my "paralysis by analysis" and start posting to Flickr.

Nanaimo Harbour not far from where I live.


Yeah there is a bit of HDR in there as I wanted to "pop" it a bit since it was such a gray day. You don't want to see the original. :redface:

Look forward to participating.



betwixt and between
Ed, thanks for coming over from "across the hall" and for getting involved here.:th_salute: Please consider adding your Flickr stream via hyperlink to your signature line - it's pretty easy to do via your User Control Panel.

I know next to nothing about HDR, but I do like the bright color of your picture and I particularly love that one in your Flickr stream of the light coming through the forest trees. It's quite beautiful.

Very glad to have you aboard, Ed!


Hey there Ed,

Welcome, seems there is a bunch of us from the mu43 site (a great place also) I've been to the island myself, so beautiful and green. Even caught a salmon
once in a stream (don't tell anyone) I think it is restricted to do that. Anywho welcome