Various forms of transport seen around Kingsbridge today


Old Codgers Group
The annual bus rally was held today, and stage 7 of the Tour of Britain cycle race, a 105 mile stage, passed through the area ending at nearby Dartmouth.


A 1939 Bristol L5G deep in the countryside on the way to Southpool


Rather more up to date, a beautiful MG TF 1500 dating probably from the mid 1950's, the passenger giving me a friendly wave


Part of the leading group of riders in the tour, there were probably about 10 in the group, they took me by surprise so I missed the actual leader. They have 12 miles to go to the finish in Dartmouth, with two climbs from sea level to about 400 feet, each about a mile long. They've been from sea level up over Dartmoor at about 1400 feet and have had another climb from close to sea level up to 400 feet on the two or three miles between Loddiswell and Kingsbridge, rather them than me!


A small section of the main pack some 30 seconds behind the leaders.

All with a Panasonic G1 and 14-45mm Panasonic zoom.


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