Vegas to Austin; Life in Mano (33 Pics)


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critique away if you like! :D

music to go along with the pics! not really fitting a theme, but it did inspire the thread title ;D
mono - life in mono [original] - YouTube

My best buddy, Mano, from vegas came to visit for 2 weeks.
Here's some of the photos i took during his trip
hope ya likey!

food cart station south of downtown a bit

!P7130383 by Gubrz, on Flickr

waiting in the cell phone lot at the airport to pick mano up

P7030117 by Gubrz, on Flickr

my dog actually walking towards the camera when ive got it to my face(he usually looks like he was abused by a camera in a former life and cowers away from it, lol)

P7030107 by Gubrz, on Flickr

a spider that was stalking me at a motorcycle track in houston

P7040126 by Gubrz, on Flickr

this guy kept sitting weird against the beams in interesting poses...

P7040133 by Gubrz, on Flickr


P7040161 by Gubrz, on Flickr


P7040256 by Gubrz, on Flickr

ignore the terribad banding, courtesy of the panny20+em5, ugh ;)

!P7070194 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7070193 by Gubrz, on Flickr

big tough gym guys wearing fanny packs... youd have taken a photo too... else it woulda been one of those "pics or it didnt happen" internetz moments ;)

Fanny Packin' by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7090102 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7100003 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7100016 by Gubrz, on Flickr

mano was all into diagonal pics, so i had to join in on the fun

!P7100036 by Gubrz, on Flickr

these girls had on the craziest brightest non matching colors ever, and yet none of my color pics looked good at ALL... so i cropped heavily and PP to death and got something decentish

!P7100051 by Gubrz, on Flickr

this ladys outfit and hat were screaming at me to way overdo the contrast on this one

!P7100057 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7100067 by Gubrz, on Flickr

this man was VERY happy to have his photo taken. he smiled for a LONG time, so i kept taking photos, as i didnt want to disappoint him, lol

!P7100114 by Gubrz, on Flickr

this man was orig a bit closer to the window edge, and not so much in the middle of the bricky rock section. i had just shut my camera off, and then he stopped, i turned it on, and by the time it started up to snap, he had scooted n adjusted and wound up not looking as interesting with his reflection(which was the orig intent)

!P7100140 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7100160 by Gubrz, on Flickr

this pigeon was not photoshopped into the frame... no matter what i did to the photo in PP, the pigeon came out looking faked! lol

!P7100185 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7100253 by Gubrz, on Flickr

hookem horns, or something... lol
mano loves the longhorns

!P7130513 by Gubrz, on Flickr

i liked this one, as it didnt show her face, and had the long swoop from the cart behind her coming from her nose area.. reminded me of a mardi gras mask

!P7100083 by Gubrz, on Flickr

GNOMEY! At franklin bbq in austin... we stood in line from 9am till 11 when they opened... it was nuts, hot, humid, and the food was GOOD, but not 2 hrs in line good! tho the lemon pie was FANTASTIC... they bring them in from a pie shop tho... lol
gnomey here greets you at the beginning of the chow line

!P7110357 by Gubrz, on Flickr

leaving downtown for the day

!P7120382 - Version 2 by Gubrz, on Flickr

these guys had on brand spanking new red hats... they were ridiculously vibrant... i cant seem to tone them down without something else looking faded... so yes.. they look super overcooked red... but they were super overcooked red irl as well...

!P7130530 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7130420 by Gubrz, on Flickr

sitting at franklin bbq

!P7110361 by Gubrz, on Flickr

while in line at JIM JIM'S ICE WATER(the best snocone like treat EVER!) this interesting lady walked by. she turned and just started staring blankly as she walked.. it was almost a lil creepy.

!P7130455 by Gubrz, on Flickr

ok this is standing in line at franklin... his shirt cracked me up!

!P7110328 by Gubrz, on Flickr


!P7100260 by Gubrz, on Flickr

these girls were hanging out at the tattoo place.. and later met up with us at jim jim's coincidentally

!P7130433 by Gubrz, on Flickr


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Welcome Gubrz - and what a way to jump right in to a new photo forum! I happen to love that first one, especially because I have a thing for retro cars/buses/motorhomes - motor vehicles. The setting with the fence lines and the overhead power lines... hat truck plus the heavy colors and textures make it just wonderful. I like the intensity of the saturation very much! As I said on Flickr, it's kind of got that retro Outer Limits weirdness going for it - and that's right up my alley.:drinks:

Clearly you had a good old time!

By the way, you might want to stop by our Welcomes and Introductions forum for a hello the next time you're back.:wink:


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hey thanks so much guys
im usually over at mu-43, but thought id bounce over here too! (as Bokeaji)

yeah, all with the omd, i THINK they were all either the panny 20, or oly 12. i THINK thats the only two lenses i used during my buddies trip out here
and lol, yes, i took them all :) i guess i dont have a STYLE yet... i just borrow from 500 other peoples styles and mash them all up together ;)
i love to spend too much time PPing... so im aware that some are too "overcooked" for some, or just... weird... but i like the process of PPing a lot. and spend forever moving dozens of sliders back n forth to get something interesting... lol :)
im ok with my stuff not being for everyone, tho, so it works out ok ;)

ive tried the minimal PPing thing(as suggest by eric kim on his blog somewhere) and a lot of pics turned out nicely, but then everytime id look at them, id think "oh i totally should have done XYZ to just THAT photo instead!"
even if i was shooting a set of like images for some theme thing, every pic would prolly be processed totally differently... im just not disciplined enuf i guess, lol

thank you all for taking the time to leave some comments! im open to negative feedback too, btw :)


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Good to see ya over here too! Welcome.

Great images, but I am not sure I like the pigeon was photoshopped in. We only post real images around here. :biggrin:


O.* Gonzo's & Bentley's Dad
Austin, TX
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Good to see ya over here too! Welcome.

Great images, but I am not sure I like the pigeon was photoshopped in. We only post real images around here. :biggrin:

did i type that wrong?
i meant to say "no matter what i did in pp, it suddenly made the pigeon look as tho it were photoshopped in"

it really was there
it just POPS out from the rest of the photo for some reason
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