Fuji Vello LCD screen protectors


Aug 28, 2013
Hello everyone,

Today was delivery day as the UPS truck was full of accessories for my Fujis and I wanted to share :)

First item was a Vello LCD protectors that I bought from BH. Awesome quality plastic. They look like they came with the cam. Easy to install and easy handling so you don't get your fingerprints all over before putting them on. Took less than 30 seconds. I recommend getting the Canon 7D size as they fit the Fuji X100s and XE1 perfectly. Rumor has it the ones designed for Fujis don't fit as nice as the 7D version don't know why but read about it on a Flckr forum. . I will post pics soon to show how they look. No air bubbles either.

Second item was a Think Tank Retrospective 20 black. Some might say too big but I like that I can carry a small kit of both Fujis cams. Two Yongnuo flashes and three radio transmitters, both camera chargers, AA/AAA charger, my iPad and still have room for a ton more. The quality like all TT bags is top notch. I thought the bag would be bulky after all that gear but it wasn't at all. My gf even thought it was empty. So it wasn't bulging.

Plus I like that if i need to I can pop in my d800 with 70-200mm attached and still have tons of space left.

This bag is a perfect fuji x mount bag if ur carrying 1-2 bodies. Lenses and flashes. Perfect size and I think the 10 would have been too small.

I kinda wish it was just a touch bigger should I decide on a MacBook Air down the line. But then again there is the TT retro 30 for that!


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Jul 7, 2010
betwixt and between
Good for you and thanks for letting us know about those Vello LCD protectors, specifically the size that works the best.

It sounds as though you're pretty well set!
Mar 3, 2013
John Griggs
Believe it or not I get by with a Retrospective 5 carrying an X100s and X-E1 -- but only a few lenses and I seldom carry flashes.

Thanks for info on 7D screen protectors!


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