Leica Very Sad News, Tim Vanderweert's last Post.

For any of you that have read Leicaphilia over the last few years, Tim is losing his battle with cancer.

I've corresponded with him over the years, have enjoyed his articles.

After reading his Sonnar articles, offered to work on his LTM SOnnar 5cm F1.5. He insisted on paying after the work was done. I got even and threw a J-3 into the box with the Sonnar. I remember why I chose the particular J-3: It was made in 1958, same year as he was born. I shimmed it to work on Nikon Rangefinders, he had bought a Nikon S3.
Everybody should take pictures with a lens made the same year they were born.

This hits hard- Tim is my age. He posted a self portrait that he took as a Teen-Ager. He had a "good ole reliable" Argus/Cosina STL1000, same as what I bought when fourteen. I could identify with him on many levels.
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That's depressingly sad. He posted this just two months ago:

Tim is hanging in there.

He went for a Party Til You Drop and then did not. I think all his friends around the world help keep him going. Attitude is everything.