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Film Video: Kodak 3200 vs Ilford 3200

Mar 23, 2015
Quite enjoyed this - two high-speed B&W films compared.

I've never had much luck with high-speed film but I'm tempted to give it another crack in the right circumstances. It looks like the Kodak is definitely grittier and the Ilford has a smoother look to it. The presenter did well in some of those handheld slow-shutter speed shots particularly when the meter only went up to 1600 and some compensation would have had to have been dialled in.



Jul 24, 2017
Very interesting video, thank you for sharing it, and I have subscribed. For me it's nice to see a female film photographer in Canada :). I watched the video twice and I think I prefer the Tmax 3200, it's seems to much more punchier with great contrast and range the the Ilford 3200.
Mar 23, 2015
Yes, it looks like it picks up the high-lights & shadow detail better (maybe more dynamic range?) - I almost wonder if it wouldn't be better for low-light shots of people / portraits ? Otherwise the gritty feel of the T-Max seems to better suit contrasty/punchy low-light situations where subtlety isn't a requirement.

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