Fuji Video....my education begins.


I have struggled. Everything on tutorials is so far advanced I cannot understand any of it. I have spent hours watching utube tutorials and 'best settings' videos and all the other stuff.....is there a simple, starter setup I could use just to get going please?

Having got video clips, Movie Maker won't cope any more, not with the Fuji clips (it works fine for the clips off my compact camera). I was told to get 'Shotcut', so have got a friend who was visiting to help me download the latest version - and he set it up with a button on the front panel of my computer, so I can go straight to it when I need it. Now I have the same problem with trying to understand the tutorial. Even trying to do things alongside the tutorial running, I can't get any of the chopping and changing things to actually work. The buttons aren't 'live' - anybody use Shotcut and can help me with where I have gone wrong please? I need a ONE program solution really, which is why MovieMaker was so easy. If only it could open the Fuji video clips!

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