Videographer sues Adobe after bug wipes out "years" of work


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Dave Cooper, a freelance videographer, has filed a class action lawsuit against Adobe after a bug in Adobe Premiere Pro video-editing suit wiped out his files and those of others. The lawsuit, filed in California last week, accuses Adobe of releasing an update that contained a file management bug that resulted in over 500 hours of Cooper's work, around 100,000 video clips, to be deleted. :eek:

The bug deleted files from an external hard drive Cooper was using after he initiated a task to clean the Media Cache folder. The Media Cache folder is a working folder for works in progress. When the clean cache requested was done it also cleared a folder on the hard drive that was not associated with any Premiere projects. The end result was that files that were never even accessed by Premiere were deleted as well.

The bug was in the Premiere 11.1.0 roll out and supposedly fixed in the 11.1.1 release which was released within a month of the 11.1.0 release. The bug is noted by Adobe in the release notes.

Cooper states that he spent three days trying to recover the data before giving up. Cooper is asking for $250,000 in compensation and has requested a jury trial.

The lawsuit can be read at


Milwaukee, WI USA
What kind of "professional" doesn't back-up his work?

If I had people paying me money for video footage, I would certainly have those files backed-up in such a manner that they would never be gone forever.

I'm not trying to "blame the victim", but I fail to see how people licensing his videos a few times a year for around $300 a pop turns into him asking for $250,000 in damages.
I'm looking at Three external USB Hard Drives on my Desk, two are disconnected from the computers. I keep copies of my images across the three drives. Working on Software- I keep two laptops running side-by-side, neither is connected to a network. I alternate writing code on them, gives a real Roll-Back.

I'm also surprised that a file recovery program like "Recuva" could not get the files back. Unless the bug overwrote file deleted files, they should be on the disk.

For the lawsuit- Adobe needs to start taking testing seriously. Installing updates on my Win7 SP1 machine "was a disaster"- but not as bad as this guy. I had to do a system restore Twice after updating Photoshop. I had to re-install some software as well.

If Adobe wants to stick with Pay-Forever models, they better start providing some service. My daughter is taking an IT class that requires the Creative Suite, heavy discount. I will not renew the subscription after the year is up. It is slow to load and unstable to update.