Fuji Viltrox 56mm F1.4


gee aahrr
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Size and weight are nice. It sports a small-ish 52mm filter.
Build feels nice and the metal barrel and hood give it an impression that it cost more or at least that it's worth the sticker.
It has a click-less aperture ring. I can live with it.
AF speed and accuracy seem fine. Sharpness and OOF rendering are good imo.
I like that it's longer and faster than 50 and that it's close to a third the price of the 56.
The competition is tough but I think there's enough here to make it a keeper.

A sample from today.
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Timothy Williams
Very nice and objective write up. I have looked at this lens for a while and believe this will be my next purchase. You're picture shows what I have seen in others shot around the web. I agree the competition is tough as the 56 fuji is untouched in image quality, but this lens is close enough and the price is right.

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