Dec 15, 2011
Bangalore, India
Wow is right! Now you must tell us more - and show us more - from what must have been an absolutely incredible adventure!
BB, I lost all my Kenya images when I lost a hard disk. I had uploaded this to a website a while ago and rediscovered it today.

This particular picture was taken at Treetops, which is a hotel/lodge at Aberdare National Park. This was the lodge in which Princess Elizabeth became the Queen on the death of her father, and it's been built over thrice, after being burnt down. Being at Treetops differs significantly from other wildlife experiences, in that the visitors are locked in, and the animals roam free around you. They put out large quantities of salt, to attract elephants, and your movement is restricted to the roof, where you hang around all day and photograph animals. It is a lot more exciting than it sounds. You have time to appreciate groups of wild animals for prolonged periods of time. We ended up naming an entire family of elephants, and discovered that each of the them had unique personalities.

The African buffaloes would skirt skittishly around the main elephant herd. We have buffaloes in India as well, but these were monsters, almost 5'6" at the shoulder and very ill tempered. Brutes!

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